About Me

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I'm Karitas and presently My Home is in Iceland and Greece . . . where I spend a couple of months a year in each country . . .  travelling and always looking for new foodie  adventures! 

As a daughter and wife of diplomats, I  have spent my entire life traversing the globe and developing my passion for foods and appreciation of native cuisines.


Taste, presentation, simplicity and fun in the kitchen are a few points I’ve emphasized in the many cooking classes and gourmets groups I’ve taught in countries as diverse as Greece, Iceland, Sweden, Germany, Poland, Iran, Finland, Austria and the USA.


Born in Iceland, Greek through marriage I’ve lived in 14 countries and speak seven languages fluently. Presently I’m a food & travel consultant living in Athens, Greece and in Reykjavik, Iceland  . . . where I love to travel, cook and discover endless scrumptious tasting local specialties . . . some of which I hope you will enjoy too!

Social Media Accounts 

Twitter:  @KairtasM

Twitter:  @TheGreekFork

Instagram:  deliciously_greek

Instagram:  granny_mom_and_i

Facebook:  TheGreekFork

Things I Do

Culinary Content

On this website I'll be  posting food stories as well as some of our family's favorite recipes that I've been cooking and teaching in many places around the world!


I am starting this food blog with pancakes and I look forward to sharing with you many fond memories and lots of tasty  pleasures that I hope you will enjoy as much as I have done throughout my life!    

Online and Offline Classes
Presently I'm not giving any cooking classes! 

Social Media Advising

As this is a new website I've mentioned all the Social Media Accounts I'm presently managing.  Hope you check them out  . . . and possibly follow! 

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