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Parma Ham-wrapped Scallops with Rosemary!

A crisp layer of salty Parma ham combined with the sweet softness of large scallops is a match made in heaven! This lovely dish is quick and easy to cook, and perfect for a special occasion or when you are entertaining on a limited time schedule!

Ingredients for 4 Persons

12 King’s scallops 6 slices of Parma ham cut in half 2 tblsp olive oil + 25g butter Fresh rosemary, to taste ¼ - ½ cup Water A dash of aromatic white wine, optional Freshly ground pepper, to taste Preparation Method

Remove small side muscle from scallops, rinse in cold water and then pat thoroughly dry. Wrap half a slice of Parma ham around each scallop. Heat the oil with butter in a frying pan and add the scallops, cooking them for about one to two minutes on each side.

Add the fresh rosemary, and water together with a little white wine. Shake the pan and allow to simmer for another 2 – 3 minutes. Season with pepper and serve immediately.


  • I like to serve this dish in the cooking pan with juices and crusty bread.

  • For something more substantial, serve with rice, vegetable risotto or orzo pasta.

©KaritasM – April 2021


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