Preparing Scallops for Cooking!

First of all make sure the mollusk’s shell is tightly shut, perhaps not as much as other shellfish as the scallops shell is corrugated. Place on cutting board and using an oyster shucking knife (or other sturdy sharp knife), place it at the hinge of the shell and force it slightly open.

Now, turn the scallop over and run a flexible knife, like a fish filleting knife, over the flat side of the shell to release the scallop. At this point should be able to open the shell fully and using a spoon free the scallop from the bottom shell.

Remove all the pieces around the meat of the scallop by pulling off the frill, the black stomach and any other, leaving just the white flesh and any coral.

Last but not least, rinse the scallop thoroughly in cold water, under tap or in separate bowl, before cooking these delightful ocean morsels any way you like!

Scallops can be pan-seared, fried, poached or grilled, which in my opinion is the easiest and tastiest way to cook them at home.

©KaritasM – April 2021


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