Scallops - A Seafood Favorite!

Scallops are one of my favorite foods. They are so incredibly convenient; easy and quick to cook and gorgeous on their own or with other quick dinner or luncheon staples like pasta, quinoa, or couscous. In Iceland scallops weren't really eaten in my Granny's time and it wasn't until we moved to Brussels in the late 1960's that Mom started using scallops in some of her recipes, but especially when entertaining VIP's or colleagues from the diplomatic corps. As a teenager at the time, and an eager helper to our various chefs I loved scallops from the first bite . . . and still do today!

Here are three ideas for you to try and enjoy with your families and friends and just tap on links or photos to get to the blog posts & recipes.

First of all . . . . some tips on preparing the Scallops for Cooking!

Barbecued Scallop Skewers!

Fish Stew with or without Scallops!

Parma-Ham wrapped Scallops with fresh Rosemary!

Hope you enjoy and try cooking some of these scallop recipes

that are real favorites of mine!

©KaritasM – April 2021

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